From left  to right: President - André Machado Naldinho; Secretary General- Rita Parente Martins; Treasurer - David Kagan;  VP of Marketing - Inês Pinheiro; VP of AA- Clara Coutinho; VP of S&C- Ana Maria Ramos; VP of STEP - António Ruano .

For the mandate of 2020/2021, our team is ready to improve and innovate.


Improve what has been done in the last few years. Innovate in the different areas with new and diverse activities.

We will work all year to make sure we can provide the best events to all our associates, on a local and international levels.

"To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and new lawyers."

- André Machado Naldinho, President of ELSA UCP Porto.