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The Student’s Trainee Exchange Programme allows our associates to acquire working experience in a legal field in a foreign country.


Who can apply for an internship? STEP is available for law students, recent graduates and young lawyers who are ELSA members and you can choose from a rage of internships that last for 2 weeks or 2 years.

Why STEP? The traineeship not only gives you an unique opportunity to learn and work on a different legal system but offers you a culture experience, you will meet new people, studying and working in the same area as you and you will be able to improve your language skills.   

The traineeships available cover various legal areas and have different working languages, serving the needs of students from all study levels.

More you need to know…

These traineeships are usually paid or at least your accommodation is assured, due to the many partnerships ELSA has been developing with different law firms.

Our work does not end there, we also make our priority to assist the process of creating and submitting the applications and we are always at your reach to give you all the information and clarify any doubts, specially regarding the practical aspects of the ELSA traineeships.

At last, we make an effort to receive the trainees, welcoming them with ELSA activities and including them in the cultural and social life they will have the opportunity to experience during the traineeship.

What are you waiting for to apply? Application period for the Autumn Cycle of the STEP Traineeships will be announced soon.

The first thing you should do when considering apply for a ELSA traineeship is to contact the local group of your university and directly approach the Vice President STEP. This mandate’s officer is António Ruano  and he will be the right person to explain you all the procedure and the selection process. Send him  an e-mail to

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